# Feedback

There are still some compatibility issues between FlyDog SDR Project and the original KiwiSDR, FlyDog SDR Project is still trying to identify and solve these issues.

In the meantime, the FlyDog SDR Project welcomes feedback from every user on issues they are having with the device so that it can be optimised for FlyDog SDR.

If you have a problem with your device that cannot be solved after a simple troubleshooting process as described in the Common Troubleshootings (opens new window) chapter, you can send your feedback to the FlyDog SDR Project in the following ways.

When sending feedback to the FlyDog SDR Project, the user should include the following.

  1. the version of the software being run, e.g. v1.428
  2. the development board model, e.g. Raspberry Pi 3B
  3. the problem being encountered, e.g. not decoding FAX
  4. how the problem is being reproduced
  5. the results you would like to see