# List FlyDog SDR Instance on Maps

As with KiwiSDR, once an external URL was set by user for FlyDog SDR, they can consider listing the instance on a number of maps (online SDR site guides) for others to access.

Before deciding to list an instance, the user needs to meet the following requirements.

  • The user has already set up the relevant site information in the administration (on the Public tab, with parameters such as latitude and longitude)
  • FlyDog SDR does not have a guest password set
  • FlyDog SDR default admin password has been changed in the administration

Public Tab

# Selecting Map Services

Currently, users have the option to list FlyDog SDR instances in the following map services.

  • Receiverbook: The FlyDog SDR Project recommends the use of Receiverbook, an online SDR site guide maintained by Jakob Ketterl (opens new window)
  • LinkFanel: an online SDR site guide maintained by KiwiSDR

Instances can also be listed on both of the sites at a same time.

# Receiverbook

Go to Receiverbook - add new receiver (opens new window) and enter the URL of the FlyDog SDR on that page.


If the URL is a non-standard HTTP port, you will need to add the port number.


Receiverbook - add new receiver

Wait a moment and you will see your instance at receiverbook.de/map (opens new window).

# Linkfanel

Go to the Public tab in the FlyDog SDR administration and turn on the Register on rx.kiwisdr.com? switch.

Register on rx.kiwisdr.com?

However, according to user feedback, KiwiSDR seems to block FlyDog SDR sites. This happens when a reverse proxy is used.

To keep FlyDog SDR be listed on Linkfanel permanently, users can take the following measures.

  • Avoid including the keywords FlyDog SDR in the site information on the Public tab of the administration
  • Use IP or DDNS as the access URL instead of reverse proxy